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Присоединяйтесь к сообществу

  • How to become a member?
    It is very easy to become a member of ivy live. All you need is the invitation code you have received from any ivy live user and an email address.
  • What should i do to use it?
    After you become a member, you can freely use the ivy live social network for 14 days free of charge and without identity verification, and you can share your invitation code with your friends.
  • Why do i have to pay?
    In the ivy live application, you will not see any sponsored advertisements. The network will cover all its expenses from membership fees. but don't worry, the monthly subscription fee is less than $0.10
  • What happens if I don't kyc?
    We make KYC so that the ivy live social network you use is a safe and peaceful environment, and there are no fake and bot accounts. Accounts that do not complete KYC within 14 days will not be able to continue using the application. but there is no account closure, you can complete kyc and continue to use it
  • What are the main features of ivy live?
    There are features in all social media. (add friends, follow, set up a community group, send direct messages, share text-photos-videos, etc.) There are many more features such as using in-app e-mail, shopping, making reservations, etc.
  • Can I earn tokens by inviting my friends?
    Yes. there is even more. For a fair affiliate system, you can earn affiliate earnings up to the 10th step, not only from the friends you invite, but also from their invited and invited guests. your reference income varies between 10% and your afillate income varies between 7.5% and 0.10%.
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