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NFT Collection

Ivy Live Animal Club

The Ivy Live Animal Club NFT collection allows the community to feel its power, support the growing project, earn IVY tokens in return for this support, and have a say in the DAO to be established in the future.


Our Story

Ivy Live developers aim to draw strength from their community to further develop the project, strengthen its market
value. In order to add value to the Ivy Live application and IVY token to this extent, it needs more difficult funds to
provide strong liquidity, centralized exchange listing, etc. We did not choose to collect this funding need voluntarily from
the community. We created the Ivly Live Animal Club NFT collection in order to be more rewarding in the long run.
All proceeds from this collection of 100 unique NFTs will be used to build stronger liquidity and for listing fees.
NFT holders receive their share of the "NFT HODL POOL", from which 15% of the circulating tokens are allocated. Apart
from this pool, an extra 10,000,000.00 IVYs were added to this pool from the initial supply for support purposes. This
fixed amount will be distributed evenly over 25 months.
IVY tokens + fixed amount of IVY accumulated in the pool for 1 month are automatically distributed to NFT holders the
next month. NFT holders do not need to take any extra action. It is enough to transfer NFTs from Binance NFT Marketplace to an online wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet etc) that supports BNB Chain (BEP20).

An example calculation:
Suppose the circulating supply is 5%. Let's say 1000 users started using the Ivy Live app this month. 1,000,000,000 IVY
tokens enter circulation for 1000 users. 15% of this amount will go to the NFT HODL POOL. In other words,
150,000,000 units accumulate in this pool. When 400,000,000 units are added from the fixed amount this month, a total
of 550,000,000 IVY will be accumulated in this pool. The following month, this amount is distributed equally to NFT
holders. If all NFTs are not purchased, the progress payments of unpurchased NFTs are carried over to the next month.


Some Featured NFTs

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