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The crypto world continues to lay the foundations for a more fair, transparent and user-focused future. In this direction, as Ivy Live, we are taking an extraordinary step with our tokenomics model. Rather than aiming solely for profit, we offer an approach designed to meet real needs and ensure long-term sustainability.

Important Tokenomics Features


The time and amount of IVY tokens to be put into circulation are designed entirely according to the users who have the potential to use it.


Although it is theoretically an inflationary structure, it is practically non-inflationary. Because IVY token is put into circulation completely according to need.


The total amount of IVY tokens are burned and removed from the market as new users begin to claim it. It has a deflationary structure.


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Vision and Goals in Tokenomics

Our Tokenomics model was shaped by centering the needs of users. Our goal is to create real value not only for investors, but also for our community. In this context, we focus on the scalability, stability and sustainability of our project.

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How $IVY Token Works

Tokenomics Charts

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