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Our road map shows the spread of both our vision and our goals over the time map. Much more awaits us than what is seen on the road map. But we think our investors and supporters have the right to see what awaits them. That's why we shared the most summary version of our road map with you.

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Highlights on our roadmap

2023 Q2

2023 Q3

2023 Q4

2024 Q1

2024 Q2

2024 Q3

2024 Q4

Formation of the project idea
Germination phase of the project
the market research
Team building
Obtaining name and trademark rights
Creation of social media accounts
Creating a white list for beta testing

Issuance of IVY token

Release of Ivy Live web version
Multi-language support
Publishing an application file (APK)
Release on PlayStore
KYC system
Invite to earn model
1. DEX listing (Pancakeswap)
First airdrop event
Coinmarketcap listing
Coingecko listing
1st and 2nd CEX listing (Tier-N & Tier-3)
NFT collection (Ivy Live Animal Club)

Live broadcast feature
Video calling feature
Creating posts with artificial intelligence
Publishing on the AppStore
Posting a second-hand product ad
Anonymous sharing feature
Metamask integration
Adding IVY token with credit card
Send a tip ($IVY)
3rd and 4th CEX Listing (Tier-3 & Tier-3)
Burning Plan

New Enterprise Interface
Ivy Live Launch (physical event)
Twitter integration
Youtube integration
Badge system
Earn IVY tokens with interaction for content creators
Email (Receiving and using email for the application)
Staking (for $IVY)
First Ivy Live exclusive game
Dictionary module
Partnership Announcements
5th and 6th CEX Listing (Tier-3 & Tier-2)

Meeting Rooms
Appointment/Reservation System
New Ivy Live Games
Business Model
Swap (DEX for Ivy Live Application)
New Partnership Announcements

Influencer Marketing
7th and 8th CEX Listings (Tier-2 & Tier-2)
Multichain Integration


New mobile interface
New web interface
Online course model
New Ivy Live games
Partnership announcement
Mainstream media advertising
9th and 10th Listing (Tier-2 & Tier-2)
Launchpad Setup

Release of the first Launchpad Project
Publication of outdoor advertisements
Digital product marketplace
NFT marketplace
Real estate listing integration
Vehicle ad integration
11th and 12th CEX listing (Tier-1 & Tier-1)

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