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We would like to thank all our followers and IVY token investors who participated in the AMA event and asked very quality questions about our project.

We wish we could give prizes to all questions, but we could only give prizes to 3 questions.

You can read all the questions and answers with pleasure. Q7 - Q18 -

Q35 -


Q1- In the future, will be mass adopted for all social media platforms currently available on Web3. Is it possible that will become a very sophisticated social FI project in the future? 0xC1aEAf3ef2fCCA3431718cC789E89CaCE4B2E96E

A1- Ivy live aims to be a social networking application with many modules in the future. The finance section may be one or more of these modules. However, it will not be a completely social finance focused application.


Q2- Hello founders, I want to ask, NFT holders will get Ivy tokens every month, and if I have 2 NFTs in the same wallet, will I get 2x Ivy tokens, if I buy nft at different prices do I get the same amount of tokens the same or more, or maybe you can see it from the number of NFT purchases, more precisely the holder will get what percentage of tokens from the total NFT sales sold


A2- NFT holders will receive IVY tokens every month. If there are 2 NFTs in the same wallet, it will receive 2 times as many IVY tokens. If there are 3 NFTs, it will get 3 times more...

When the person who purchases an NFT wants to resell their NFT, they pay 10% of the sales price to the NFT owner. All NFT proceeds are used to cover IVY listing fees.


Q3- what the plan about the burning token, will the continue the burning on the future?


A3- Yes, there will definitely be token burning. With our upcoming community event, the community will determine how many tokens will be burned.


Q4- For memberships purchased with a credit card, will the membership be purchased directly with a credit card, or will the membership be purchased with the Ivy Token in the account by purchasing the Ivy Token with the credit card and transferring it to the account? If the Ivy Token is purchased rather than a membership, it may be good for those who want to invest in the stock markets easily without opening an account in the first place. That's why I'm asking 0xF5fD15a3338A3836c0e7811cd45fae51dd5C82B4

A4- IVY tokens, not subscriptions, will be purchased with a credit card. Because IVY token can be used not only for subscription but also for many functions within the application.


Q5- Since the ivy application is a blockchain-based application and the majority of people are still indifferent and prejudiced about cryptocurrencies and even do not know how to use wallets etc., what do you plan to do to attract users to the platform who are at least not interested in Crypto? As a result, ivy tokens will be given for in-app events etc. 0xF5fD15a3338A3836c0e7811cd45fae51dd5C82B4

A5- We will use blockchain technology to secure the application database and token. Application content and usage style are designed to appeal to both web3 and web2 users.


Q6- I want to ask, for future projects, do you have a very good plan to attract investors to this project, what are your ways in the future to make ivy even better?


A6- Let's think from the investor's side. The best investment is the one made at the right time. That's why we need to bring the project to a certain level for big investors to invest in our project. We need a lot of work for this. We need the community to support the project.


Q7- Why didn't you come to the market with a supply that was 90% lower than the current supply in the first place, but are you planning to burn up to 90% of the current supply? 0xF5fD15a3338A3836c0e7811cd45fae51dd5C82B4

A7- Very good question. A 10x smaller maximum supply would undoubtedly be a great development for existing investors. Our community is currently around 400-500 people. If this community embraces the project, the project will be highly valued. And if they really embrace it, it will be a reward for them. The community will need to embrace the project and make efforts to grow it. Because the event we will do to burn 90% of the supply will be possible with an event that depends entirely on the efforts of the existing community.


Q8- Hello founder, I want to ask about listing and marketing, will there be listings in the current Top 5 exchanges in the future?


A8- Of course, we want to be listed on the best exchanges for everyone who invests and wants to invest in IVY token.

It is among our goals to be listed on many major exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, Okx, Coinbase, Kucoin etc. However, for this it is necessary to proceed step by step


Q9- To stake ivy tokens, how do you plan to start this, and what exchange will be used to stake ivy tokens or maybe you want to add a stake token feature to the ivy application, what APR will you get per year?


A9- It will be staked using the web3 wallet on the IVY platform. Rates have not been determined yet. We are working on it.


Q10- I want to ask, why doesn't ivy exist for IOS applications, and why did it say maintenance or update yesterday, but now many features are missing instead of being better, "such as" KYC data is missing, and there are still many other features missing?


A10- We had difficulty accessing some data during the update. We are working on missing data and will soon ask users for support to speed up this work.

All improvements or solutions involve costs. And we are a community project. We did not receive any pre-sales or capital investment. That's why we take turns to use our team's time and energy more efficiently, and some processes can take time.

We will see the benefits of being a community project much more in the future.

iOS will come.


Q11- Twitter received a huge reaction when it asked its subscribers to get a blue tick. People will not want to pay to become members of social media platforms. How did you convince users to pay a fee and constantly renew their membership?


A11- Twitter received a huge reaction when it asked its subscribers to get a blue tick. People will not want to pay to become members of social media platforms. How did you convince users to pay the fee and continually renew their memberships

Users can pay for any application. The important thing is to be able to reward it. Even though you have paid money for social media applications, if they still continue to show you ads, it means you are paying for nothing.

Ivy Live subscription fees are very affordable. Moreover, since the user pays for this, he receives VIP service in return. You won't encounter fake accounts, you won't see ads, etc.

As a note, there will be a free subscription campaign for a while to increase the number of users.


Q12- Why is there no buying and selling of NFT or crypto & staking in the Ivy application?


A12- Ivy application is not just a social media application with cryptocurrency communities. Therefore, even if there is such a service in the future, the focus of the application is not on cryptocurrency or NFT. It appeals to all communities, all individual and corporate users…


Q13- why do you have to pay a fee to upgrade your account? and why doesn't ivy look for other project partners for a better future?


A13- As you know, the application has expenses. However, the app does not show you ads you do not want and the app has no advertising revenue. The only source of income is subscription fees. It charges subscription fees to ensure its sustainability.


Q14- What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term because Marketing is a central element for every project, s o that everyone know the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set?


A14- We think that the most fundamental element is stability. As long as we do the right job and ensure stability, we will naturally attract new users and new investors. This may sometimes be less, sometimes more. As long as we continue to do the right job in this period when market conditions are very bad, we will attract new users and new investors with the development we will make as market conditions improve. This is the Main target.

If what you want to ask is about advertising and marketing, I can explain it as follows. Today it is not a matter of making a $100 or $100000 ad. The point is to get value for the advertising budget spent. In other words, when an advertising expenditure is made, the effect of the advertisement should create more income. For this, the application needs to be better. That's why it is necessary to make good timing for advertising work.


Q15- For NFT sales, will one day you sell them on open sea, blur / element Because there are still those who don't use Binance, and I want to ask, will Ivy hold more events in the future to attract more investors and the community?


A15- Unfortunately, OpenSea does not support BNB Smart Chain. Since there are a small number of NFTs, we do not intend to split it into other platforms.

You do not need to be an active Binance user to own an NFT. You can open a Binance account and transfer NFT to wallets such as metamask, trustwallet, etc. Afterwards, you do not need to use Binance. You may have found a solution like this.


A16- Market is adjusting sharply, the risks are very high but also a great opportunity for development projects. What are the characteristics of your project, and how is your development strategy to be able to compete and rise to top among other projects?


Q16- Crypto-focused social media projects generally do not come with a new solution proposal. He is trying to copy existing social media and additionally says we have cryptocurrency.

We provide solutions to the problems in the social networks section, and in addition, we provide the entire economy within the application with our own cryptocurrency.

There are issues that can be considered disadvantages compared to our competitors. Not having any funding power (for now) and being in a bear market makes our work difficult.


Q17- Greetings IVY Team. What I want to ask is what is the Strategy the team will follow to grow the community? Enlarging the community with an exemplary reward mechanism can create long-term sales pressure on the token at the end of the day. What does the team promise that is more important than IVY LIVE, so that the priority of someone who wants to be a part of this community is not to earn tokens? Thank you 🙏


A17- The reward mechanism is important for building the initial audience. However, we will make further updates to the reward mechanism and we are working on a reward mechanism that will be available to those who actively use the application.

We will give up useless reward mechanisms designed to improve and grow the application.


Q18- hope you give me an answer, 1. what is your goal in creating the ivy platform?, 2. will the ivy platform add the latest features? like users can see crypto price charts on the ivy platform? 3. what is ivy's biggest challenge in this era of social networks? and how to overcome those challenges?


A18- 1- Answer personally I'm bored of using existing social media. I'm tired of seeing ads. I'm tired of fakery and exhibitionism. Current social media does not contribute anything to our lives. It just gets held back and wastes our time. Ivy Live will clear all of that up.

2- In Ivy Live, her age group, her culture, her ability to find a place for herself from digital tourists to people. That's why we continue to work on many modules. Although some modules (for example appointment system, shopping system, etc.) are ready, they cannot be activated because there are not enough users.

3- A small team, not generating any income yet, causes us to move slower to continue the project. Apart from that, I have to say that the work we did not do was very brief and this was another challenge.

You can only do this with the support offered by these products. A second way is large companies. However, since the community will be taken care of as patients in these years, the indispensable part of this work is community.


Q19- hello, I want to ask about the ivy project, namely about the ivy platform, will ivy add a vote crypto to earn ivy feature? will add a tips feature in user posts? and will ivy also add a swap feature within the ivy platform? 0xE0996417149a879f41d28ff90c7cA9E5aCf15fE5

A19- We do not want to turn the application into a DeFi application. However, we can add simple exchange features for the IVY token. IVYUSDT, IVYBTC etc.. Of course, this process will not occur in the near future as there may be legal solutions and licensing requirements.


Q20- All projects have key Utilities & real life uses! So, can you tell us what the main role of your coin is in your ecosystem? Explain its use in Real Life? and Why should I invest in your coin for the long term?


A20- Nowadays, real life can be defined as digital life... our work, our communication, our expenses, the time we spend... almost a large part of it is in the digital world. on a phone.

There are hundreds of games and applications in that smartphone. ivy live will meet the needs of the digital world in a single application. And the entire economy within the application will be with IVY token. You will need IVY token to even use the app at first.


Q21- What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing in terms of becoming a successful project or company? Collaboration plays an important role behind the success of every project. Can you share with us about your recent project collaboration? Also what benefits can we expect from this collaboration?


A21- I am skipping this part because I answered the difficulties we encountered in the previous questions...

We don't have any big collaborations yet. We have a few small marketing and listing collaborations.

First of all, we aim to ensure that any user can easily access the IVY token and purchase it easily. We want him to hear more from then on. Our collaborations will be on this. Even when it comes to listing, we take care to choose exchanges from different geographies so that any user from every geography can easily buy IVY if they wish.


Q22- Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users to your @ivy_community project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will bring non-crypto users and real-usereal-use cases?


A22- Yes, when the time comes, we will attract users outside the crypto industry through advertising activities and partnerships. And while using the application, they will be able to add the IVY token to their account in the ivy application with a credit card without the need for any exchange or wallet. Since the content will not only be related to crypto, they will find a lot of space for themselves.


Q23- Is there a KYC requirement for the transactions we will make on the @ivy_community Platform? What documents are required for KYC, if any? Finally, what are the transactions we can do without KYC?


A23- Yes, we want all of our users to be verified users. For KYC, a national ID photo and a selfie taken with the national ID are sufficient.

If KYC is not completed for a certain period of time, your account's access will be restricted. You cannot share content or interact.


Q24- Farming, also known as staking, is quite popular nowadays. Have you offered $IVY users your farming or staking services? Can you explain how to stake and farm $IVY if you have?


A24- We started staking activities. It will be active in the coming months. However, I cannot talk about any numerical values because it is not clear right now.


Q25- Can you tell us about the team of the @ivy_community project? How many people does your team consist of and is your team's knowledge and experience sufficient to develop and advance the @ivy_community project?


A25- The Main Team consists of 6 people, you can get information about the team on our website and whitepaper.

General experiences: On digital marketing and Blockchain technology.


Q26- Security is very important so,how about @ivy_community security systems? Is it enough safe bcos recently many exchanges get hacked and what makes @ivy_community different from other project?


A26- Blockchian and the Cryptocurrency world are safer than other technologies. But it also has disadvantages and risks.

The Ivy Live team pays extra attention to security. Our responsibility is great. However, this does not mean that we will never have any weaknesses. It enables us to take more precautions in the future by experiencing all the problems we may experience at the easiest time to compensate.


Q27- Can you briefly explain the top milestones implemented by the #IVY before the end of this year or in the future, how will help them succeed, and what the #IVY will look like in 2023 and beyond?


A27- To put it roughly in order...

We will start burning and staking efforts on the token to further ensure the trust of the users who have invested and supported the project so far. We aim to complete both of these studies before the end of 2023.

In the application part, we will have some campaigns to help new users adapt more easily. This will start as of October.

In early 2024, we will create a new road map by analyzing the interaction of organic users in the application.


Q28- Where does #IVY look in terms of daily trading volume and number of users? Do you think the number of users and transaction volume will increase in the coming years?


A28- Yes, we are still at the very beginning of the journey. Issues such as liquidity, volume, listing, etc. are at low values for IVY token. But it is a fact that all of these will develop over time.


Q29- Every blockchain-based project shows the benefits of their platform. In the case of IVY, what can users benefit from and gain from the platform? 0xA6E4A6c139Dc24D2Bf938074A5C5D60417fEF5f1

A29- IVY project is a project that uses blockchain technology. However, its main purpose is not just for users to benefit from blockchain.

The main benefit that users will receive will be that they will benefit from the fraud-free environment of the internet world, especially the social media part. You can benefit from the ease of managing every transaction, both in terms of content production and consumption, from a much more practical and single account.


Q30- Now IVY is said to be community owned and we all agree that decentralization is good for a project. However, many projects that claim to be Decentralized and community owned still control the most important aspects and decisions without the community's feedback and decisions.

Since Ivy will be owned by community, how will the decentralization mechanism be?

Will it be Token Governance? Or

Will there be another criteria to participate in the governance of the $IVY community?


A30- Our basic idea about decentralized management is that a sufficiently advanced project can only be managed in this way. That's why Ivy Live does not hesitate to ask its investors and followers their opinions in the processes leading to decentralization, but the final decision is made by the team. When the time comes, the situation will be as follows: the DAO will make the critical and important decisions, and the team will provide the implementation.


Q31- I would like to know more about the Ivy Live Animal Club.

What are the NFTs all about? Also, what are the advantages of holding the NFTs and how sustainable are these rewards?

Would we get $IVY for holding some of them and if so, where can we buy the NFTs from ?


A31- Every 1 NFT in the Ivy Live Animal Club collection gives you the opportunity to earn IVY tokens every month. When the DAO is established, these NFT holders will become members of the DAO.

We have a video explaining how many ivy tokens you can earn and what sustainability is like. This video is currently only in Turkish. We will re-serve this video in English soon.

You can purchase NFTs on Binance NFT MArketplaces. After making the purchase, you need to transfer this NFT to an online wallet like metamask, trust wallet, etc. Your IVY tokens will be sent to this wallet address.


Q32- I saw that Ivy Live Beta had 1935 users testing the App and then the Alpha version was launched on 17/7/2023.

What was the key feedback you received and how did beta testing help the IVY Live team come up with a better version of the App?


A32- This question is very good. But unfortunately the answer is sad. Feedback was often short and meaningless. Because the sole purpose of most of those giving this feedback was to receive an Airdrop reward. However, we can say that we also received good feedback outside of our duties. In general, we received a lot of feedback regarding user experience, that is, the interface and bugs. We haven't yet learned exactly what users are demanding in terms of interesting things in the app. We will continue to receive feedback.


Q33- Can you share some statistics or insights into the growth and engagement levels on Ivy Live since its launch in May 2023?


A33- We can roughly summarize the statistics as follows. We have reached more than 1000 user records, more than 300 verified user records. The number of active users of the application on a daily basis is at least 10 and at most 50.

We saw that the most common communication was via DM.

If you share the least, you appear in the comment section.

If we compare the point we have reached, I think we can say that we have only made 0.1% progress yet. There is still some time before we are even at the beginning of the road.


Q34- Can you list the amazing features that make #IVY stand out from its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you are most confident in?


A34- It will have so many ''wonderful features''. Two of them are our main features. No verified users and no sponsored ads. Over time, we will understand that these features are "truly amazing features". Because, over time, major social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. will start to verify users. It will bring features where premium members will not see ads. We will see this together. However, when they start bringing these features, we will see that Ivy Live will also grow a lot.


Q35- What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms/protocols can we expect from $IVY in the future? Can you give us some examples of how other projects can benefit from $IVY?


A35- First, let's give a few examples other than crypto money;

First example: Some large online shopping stores can sell their products through Ivy Live. Because their potential customer base will be created within ivy live. We can provide integration for this. For users, shopping with IVY token within the application will be both practical and enjoyable.

Second example: The same system will be valid for large platforms that provide services such as advertisements, rentals, appointments, employment, etc. Partnerships will be established with platforms that provide this type of service.

Let's give a few examples from the cryptocurrency industry:

First example: Partnerships can be made with cryptocurrency projects to communicate more easily with their large communities.

Second example: Projects in the field of DeFi can be partnered to offer faster DeFi transactions to users within the application, and when ivy live users see that they can provide DeFi services in a more practical way within the application, they can use that product.

We can multiply more examples. IVY token can switch to multichain feature and partner with other layer-1 projects. For any module to be added to the application, we can partner with a project that we think can provide this service much better. Perhaps a user can access their stock market accounts directly from ivy live via API and buy and sell.


Q36- First of all, I would like to thank the entire team who contributed to the project and the efforts made so far in this project, and congratulate everyone. I believe in this project very much.

In my opinion, it is the best project in space.

I did my own research on blockchain projects and found $IVY this year (I'm new to the space, about 10 months). After doing my research, I have no doubt that $IVY is one of the best, if not the best project I have found in this field. That's why I'm so happy to attend this AMA.

My question is:

What specification about IVY's technology and strategy makes you believe it will be successful, and what does IVY plan to do to attract more users in the coming period?


A36- In fact, I think that the things that bring success are jobs that provide simple solutions to simple problems and provide stability while doing so.

When we talk about problems in social networks, we actually all know about these problems. So we did not discover a problem. We have raised a problem that already exists. This problem is not solved on the Web2 side. Because this sector is in the hands of a few rich people who exploit users. This problem is not solved on the Web3 side either. Because the number of teams that want to do a real project is small. Generally, they want to defraud investors and they only work to enable them to purchase tokens, they do not develop applications.

There is no project that will provide a real solution to these simple, very solvable problems. This is the most specific situation for us. There are two things that are being tried to do to attract more users to the application.

1- To make the application more usable.

2- announce this more


Q37- $IVY is now listed on many tier one Centralized exchanges, making it easy for users to buy and sell the token. What do you think is the key benefit of $IVY that will encourage more investors to buy and attract the token to Hodl?


A37- Since we thought that IVY token was not the product of a financial project, we did not consider giving a reward to those who hodled it. However, from what we have observed so far, we have seen a lot of investors hodling IVY token. We started working on the staking mechanism to reward them for supporting the project. Without wasting too much time, we will implement the staking feature.


Q38- It's easy to create fake accounts and profiles on Twitter (Now X). How will you ensure that only real user accounts are available on Ivy Live?


A38- But it cannot be achieved completely 100%. However, there are many ways to open multiple accounts. And what will minimize this rate is KYC verification. In Ivy Live, users cannot continue using the application without verification.


Q39- How do you engage with your audience on Ivy Live? What tools or strategies do you use to build loyalty among your followers and expand your reach?


A39- What we are doing at this point is not a strategy. Business sense. We like to instantly share all the developments that are happening, and even the developments that are likely to happen. I try to answer all questions as quickly as possible. I do not hide any negative developments from my investors. As I said at the beginning, this is not a strategy. I think everyone who does this job should do it openly and transparently. I'm trying to do it this way too.


Q40- Will content creators or users with a lot of followers be able to monetize their accounts? What forms of monetization will Ivy Live offer?


A40- Yes he will win. There is a module pool section in our Tokenomics model. As IVY tokens begin to accumulate in that pool, systems will begin where content creators will earn IVY tokens.

They will earn IVY tokens from video views, blog posts likes and comments. Additionally, play and win modules will be active.

Trainees will be able to earn Tokens through their online training.

There will be users who earn IVY tokens and can spend IVY tokens in many different areas that I cannot explain yet.


Q41- Will Ivy Network have any tipping mechanism or shall we say easy process of sending money? 0x6270E6F4025692c9b87E51885bC89f49599a798e

A41- Yes there is, it will be activated very soon. It is possible to send both payments and tips. The difference is this: The user will start a campaign for fundraising. Direct shipping can be made without any request.


Q42- My question is: What type of content is the Ivy Live platform designed for? Will the focus be on short videos like TikTok or more photos like Instagram? 0x4b3284a35871f4545AfbCa869571466cC62a4b99

A42- Actually it is neither. All such opportunities are provided to users. Whichever direction the demand occurs, the mainstream may be in that direction, or any user's own timeline may vary accordingly.


Q43- Will this network include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or more, and someday include a version of business networking like LinkedIn? Should I think Ivy is connecting with my friends or making new friends or connections? 0x6270E6F4025692c9b87E51885bC89f49599a798e

A43- Yes, there will also be a business networking mechanism. But this does not mean that the user will use ivy live purely for business purposes. The modules and features in Ivy live will be shaped solely around the user's own profile and environment, depending on which one he/she will use more. So, when a user uses ivy live for business, he can experience the feeling of LinkedIn on this platform. But another user can experience the feeling of YouTube in Ivy Live by increasing their followers by simply producing video content.


Q44- Hello, Will Ivy Live have brand pages that we are used to seeing on almost all social networks? If your answer is yes, how easy will you make management since agencies and brands are not so adapted to web3? Thanks 0x47b02F199c08256B4a0d0848f22aFf78ba2526fc

A44- Yes, there will be brand pages. Since we also appeal to Web2 users, I don't think we will have a 100% problem. But it won't necessarily be like Web2.

This problem can be overcome as follows: First, we will ensure that Web3 brands are included here. Later, when the competition grows, we will start to attract the attention of non-Web3 brands. They won't have a high adaptation problem anyway.

Moreover, even if we do not undertake such a project, we think that brands will somehow adapt to web3 in many years. During this transition period, we will be one of the projects that do this job best.


Q45- It is unfortunate that many projects enter this field but do not last long despite using many techniques.

What do you think is the key strategy to ensure the sustainability of $IVY, especially as the market makes a slow transition from a bear market to a bull run?

A45- When it can not last for a long time, from the continuous decline of the token price, I think about your capacity. For projects, issues such as the price, volume and liquidity of the token are important. However, we are weak in this conclusion. Because although token is an important issue, there are developments regarding the implementation of what is really important. If the application continues continuously, the token is already valued. The first issue that matters in the transactions you mentioned is token. That's why they spent all their investments on token marketing. and while token holders and big investors made money, the small information that believed in the project suffered.

Ivy Live's process is unlike other projects of this type. The token price is worthless today and may be valuable tomorrow. This is completely proportional to the decision made by the users. There is no manipulation. Therefore, although it may vary from time to time, its sustainability is certain.


Q46- Why should I get involved in the IVY LIVE project? What makes this project attractive? Is there an environment where I can make money by investing? What are your plans to include me in the IVY LIVE community? 0xF7517ECAaCd51EFC7B92698aEa46feb3A4908cE6

A46- If you constantly use social media or create content on social media, ivy live allows you to do this by using a single application instead of many applications. Additionally, the absence of fraud and confusion allows you to make money if you produce content. You can earn tokens in many different ways such as video content, live broadcasting, playing games.


Q47- How can I see our token statistics? Example, market cap, token supply (in circulation), how many users does our project have? And how many people do KYC?

Imagine someone does KYC and starts using IVY. But after the bull season or some bad news, he decided to leave the site. What will you do, burn 1000000 tokens for each user or continue with high supply? 0xa780E0a846FcBDC9b2ccf6D8cB49d85f40455DE2

A47- Most of our token statistics are available on sites such as bscscan, coinmarketcap, coingecko. You can follow the community and news for statistics that are not currently accessible. We will be able to provide more instant statistics in the future.

The token is circulated for a user's first subscription. When the user renews the subscription the next month or the next year, the token does not re-circulate. This does not actually mean that the tokens should be deleted from the market when a user stops using the application.

However, cremation will be done for different reasons. Stay tuned for burning news.


Thank you for reading!


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