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Ivy Live: Play to Double Earn

We are happy to state that the Ivy Live ecosystem has only a few hours left to activate the Gaming module. We are implementing a unique module in the Web3 & gaming world.

What is Ivy Live GameFi?

GameFi, one of Ivy Live's many user-friendly modules, is a module that allows the most popular games in the Web3 world to be played through a single interface. Users will be able to evaluate many criteria to find and choose the game they want to play on a single page. Comments or ratings about the games will be a criterion for choosing the games. Or, in terms of user experience, they will be able to filter which wallet and network they want to play the games with and choose according to the results. There will be no change in the way the games are played. There will be no difference when playing the game on Ivy Live, just as it is played on the original site. Some extra features will be added.

What games will be available on Ivy Live Gaming?

There will be 10 Web3 games in the first stage at Ivy Live Gaming. These will be games of different gaming genres, leading and loved in the industry. There will be many games from strategy games, card games, sports games and other game types.

What are the advantages of users in Ivy Live Gaming?

The biggest advantage is that players will be able to make double profits. While playing any game, he/she will be able to win the token of the game he plays based on his interaction or success in the game. However, since you play this game within Ivy Live, you will earn extra IVY tokens. For example, a person who plays the Pixels game on Pixels' own site can only win $PIXEL. But if he plays this game on Ivy Live, he wins $PIXEL + $IVY. And without any extra effort!

Not only that, they can also use the chat room feature while playing games. Most Web3 games do not have this feature. When users start playing this game with their friends, they have to set up voice chat rooms in 3rd party applications such as discord, telegram etc. since there is no chat room in the game. However, while playing this game in Ivy Live, they can instantly set up a chat room with their friends in the application and actively use this feature while playing the game.

How will the process work?

First, we will start with a public testnet process. With the testnet process that will start on April 8, 2024, all users will start to experience web3 games on Ivy Live. As soon as the games start to be played, a counter will appear and the points will be claimed when the countdown time on this counter expires. And the user will see these points in the wallets section. Once the points are claimed, the counter will restart if there is still play. And as long as he continues playing, this meter will constantly be refreshed. The user who claims the points when the counter is reset will later convert the points he has accumulated in his wallet into $IVY tokens.

How can I find out how much $IVY my points are worth?

The points collected while playing the games will be converted into $IVY tokens on a certain day of each month. On the conversion day, the points accumulated in the pool will be compared with the $IVY tokens accumulated in the pool. For example, if the total points earned by users in 1 month is 100 million, and the amount of $IVY tokens accumulated in the pool is 200 million, 1 Point = 2 IVY in that month. This means that each user will receive IVY tokens for 2 times the points they earn.

When will the testnet process start and end?

The Ivy Live Gaming testnet process will start on April 8, 2024, and we aim to last approximately 2 months. However, this process is not the final decision. There is a possibility that it will end a little earlier or a little later.

Will there be an extra advantage for those participating in the testnet process?

We are considering giving extra points and rewards to those who participate in the testnet process. Because the testnet process is an important process to ensure that the final version of this module works in the most efficient way, and the smallest contribution made by all participants who contribute to this process is very valuable to us. That's why we don't want to leave this unanswered. However, the process we go through will determine what kind of advantage and what kind of reward will be given.


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