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NFT (Ivy Live Animal Club) Earned 11,345,800 IVY (69$) this month!

Those who own any NFT from the Ivy Live Animal Club NFT collection received their third month reward! In this article, let's see how and how much $IVY an NFT owner earns!

We should also note that 200 premium users joined the Ivy Live application in September 2023. If we look at our Tokenomics model, with this number of users, 200,000,000 IVY tokens are in circulation. 15% of these, or 30,000,000, went to the NFT pool. A total of 992,266,000 IVY parts, together with our fixed amount of 400,000,000 pieces and the 592,669,000 IVY pieces carried over from last month, have accumulated in this pool. So one NFT owner (since there were 100 NFTs) became the owner of $11,345,800 IVY ($69). Since only 31 NFTs from the collection were sold, the allocation of 69 NFTs was rolled over to the next month.

Number of $IVY rolled over to next month: 782,860,200 IVY

With our fixed amount of 400,000,000, we have already accumulated 1,182,860,200 IVY in our NFT hodl pool for the next month.

Those who transfer NFTs purchased through Binance NFT Marketplace to online wallets are shown in the image below. You can click on this link to review:

By clicking the link below, you can see the IVY tokens that NFT hoarders bought in November.

To follow IVY token wallets:

Module Pool: 0x90979D433Dd1A80414EaBE287c2935992AbC0C0e

NFT Hodl Pool: 0xAa229683B7De181FD06Fad353395A728665d5D61

Dev Team: 0x254D3C21893cA64fACfD7937ad1c570D37291904

Spare: 0x40C1D85d89304d1580124581Ad0c193790ae3341

Marketing: 0x18b6aFa18074554c577e1aeB4c9615B0bb2cCbED

Partnership: 0x58619af30F4603e74DcBC2CeA6b5F87C677f6907

Liquidity: 0xCC04212342Db65E382b62b4dfEfedF66Ec00E898

Airdrop: 0x414A0fA8C5aFc69B2bb0aFDE237A3330aBD4B148


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