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Evolve your Kryptomon legends in Ivy Live.

What is Kryptomon?

Kryptomon is an NFT (non-fungible token) Play-to-Earn blockchain game running on the Polygon network. Players take on the role of ‘trainers’ of Kryptomons, digital collectible pets. Each Kryptomon is a unique digital asset with the NFT it is linked to, and players can own these characters using tokens called $KMON in this universe.

The game has a structure that takes the good aspects of Pokemon, CryptoKitties and virtual baby trends and combines them with NFTs. Players have the chance to increase their financial value by feeding, caring for and training Kryptomons. Additionally, the world of Kryptomon aims to create a living, breathing metaverse shaped by players.

What are the advantages of playing Kryptomon on Ivy Live?

Want to start an adventure with Kryptomon legends and win $KMON? You can gain additional benefits by playing the game on Ivy Live.

First of all, since you play the Krytomon game on Ivy Live, you can earn extra $IVY tokens. If you’ve already played Kryptomon before, you don’t need to create a new account. You can log in to the game with the same account information. You can see the comments made by other players about Kryptomon and you can also comment. You can create a chat room with your friends with whom you play the game, and you do not have to use 3rd party applications to communicate with your game friends while playing the game.

What are the ways to Earn $KMON by Playing Kyrptomon Genesis on Ivy Live?

KMON Can be Earned Via multiple ways in KMON:Genesis -

1). Weekly Tamagotchi Quest: Complete 10 weekly quests to earn KMON coins. Quest 5 rewards KMON coins, and Quest 10 rewards KMON coins along with Random Boost Token NFT. Quest reset every Monday at 12 PM UTC. If all 10 quests are completed, both pool allocations are rewarded to the player.

2).Completing Story Challenge (PVE): Progress through 9 stages in each chapter which have its own lore and story in each progressive stage.

First two Chaptes are intro that make Players learn about the Kryptomons Elements and about the Objectives.

Starting from chapter 3 to earn Armor Scraps NFT and from chapter 4 for daily KMON coin earnings. Higher chapters offer increased rewards. Free-to-play players can progress till chapter 4 with non-NFT synthetic KMON .

Rewards from Normal and Hero modes consist of small, medium, and large KMON pool rewards. Rewards are sent directly to players’ wallets every Sunday.

3).Battle League PVP: Engage in Battle League PVP to earn 1 PVP Gladiator Armor Scrap NFT daily after completing at least 7 battles. Higher leagues offer more rewards, including Armor Scraps, Potions, and KMON coins for the Battle Pass. End-of-season rewards are based on the player’s rank.

PVP matches are available on mobile apps (Android & IOS) and Windows PC app.

4).Daily Login Calendar: Get NFT items or KMON tokens every 7 days through the daily login calendar, with rewards resetting monthly. Rewards include craftable NFTs on the 7th day and KMON coins on the 28th day. KMON: Genesis operates on a revenue model, redistributing marketplace revenue to players as rewards

Who is behind the Kryptomon ?

Kryptomon launched in December 2021 in its “Tamagotchi Phase.” It instantly made an impression as the first NFT game to feature “live” creatures. It was also the first to merge the metaverse with the physical world for its players.

The team behind this innovation includes CEO and co-founder Umberto Canessa, COO and co-founder Bartolomeo De Vitis, CPO Brian Bento, and CBDO Tomer Warschauer Nuni. Major investors and partners include Play Studios, NFX, Tal Ventures, and Griffin Gaming Partners.

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